Floor Management

Performance and Accountability

Floor Management is a 2.5 day program where new and veteran supervisors learn proven, innovative floor-coaching skills that will change the performance culture of your center.

Whether your call center focuses on sales results, quality scores, system proficiency or customer service, the floor manager is the secret to long-term success. Floor Management helps you achieve this goal.

Beirut Call Services Will Greatly Improve the Following Issues:

  • Supervisors spend their days problem-solving (e.g. escalation requests, system glitches, other “fires”) but no proactive, immediate skills coaching takes place.
  • There is no culture of strong, specific skills coaching or real floor accountability.
  • After coaching, there is no follow-up to see that the changes took place.
  • Agents always try to get answers from supervisors first, rather than finding the answers for themselves.
  • Supervisors try to go on the floor and provide coaching, but they are inundated with help requests from agents each time they do.
  • Supervisors are much too soft when they provide floor-coaching.

Floor Management Facts:

  • Instructor-led, 2.5-day program – up to 12 participants.
  • We work with your real floor-coaching issues.
  • We work together to build a new floor-coaching schedule that will guarantee the new skills are implemented on the floor right away.
  • Loads of role-play practice to make supervisors are experts at each skill.
  • Interactive delivery style makes training fun, applicable and helps create agent buy-in.
  • Complimentary demos of Floor Management are available. Ask us about them.


  • 2.5-day Workshop: $8500.00
  • Multiple courses booked at one time: $6900.00 per workshop
  • 12-Participant Maximum per workshop.
  • Travel is additional.

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