As you know, turning your agents into high-performing sales people or service  specialists is not easy. Agents may not want to sell, even with a commission plan in place. We are also amazed at how many service personnel still forget that customers on the line are not a hindrance to the job – they are the job.

Enter the new economy and its economic challenges. Nobody wants to spend money right now. These types of economies reveal the weak selling skills of many agents and the lack of floor-coaching and accountability in many call centers. Before, agents could get by if they just “pitched” enough offers across the line. Not anymore. Now it takes great skills – like the ones we provide here at FireWeb.

Since it does take a complete center effort, we provide training and consulting for all levels. In Call Center Floor Management, your managers and supervisors will learn how to build and implement center-wide coaching strategies.  They will finally get out on the floor and coach agents’ sales skills the right way (not problem-solving, but true proactive floor-coaching).

Telephone Sales Mastery, our marquee sales training course, offers agents a much better way to sell through every step of the process, from better greetings and reducing early call tension to Questions that identify needs (in as little as twenty seconds), better Benefits and Closing skills, money-making ways to handle customer objections and everything in between. The skills are easy to build into your Quality Assurance team’s observation checklist, bringing all your support people into the improvement process.

There are two main ways to take advantage of our programs. If your center has at least 50 agents, you can invest in our training Licenses and own our programs, eliminating the typical heavy expense of paying an outside training vendor forever and ever. Otherwise, we can come out and deliver the training, taking in about 10-12 agents per workshop. We have a great staff who really know your agents’ world.

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